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Why George Dans is the best Keynote Speaker.

Keynote – Get ready for George to Inspire and fire up your meeting with his famous ‘ i Can 100% Keynote speech. Change starts with your own language. i Can is the start of changing your life today.

George Dans is a major league headliner who will provide your meeting with how to come back and become great once again. George will fire up your meeting and this highly interactive presentation is filled with several call to actions, how to set and reach your goals, hit the reset button and get ready to make your best comeback ever or the that motivation you have been looking for. Get ready to launch your life to the next level.



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iCan | WIT | Never Give Up | The Climb to Success Starts with One Step


“The Best Only Expect The Best”

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George Dans Podcast


George Dans Podcast

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Get your day started by listening to George and others get you motivated to be at your best or at WIT for the day!



Read George Dans Book “Just Close It”
Change starts with your own language and this is the king
of self help books and learn how you can change, improve
and reach the goals you have been dreaming about for years.
Everyone talks to themselves, learn how to improve your
self talk which will improve your life today. ‘ i Can is so much
more powerful than ‘ i Can’t – look for Georges new book in
Spring 2021

Would You Like To Close More Sales Now?

Read George Dans Book “Just Close It”
Are you tired of turnover? Do you have a bunch of salespeople who are selling less then ten a month? Do you think you are missing sales?

The key today is to minimize your lost sales. Stop it! I can! George Dans can improve your sales, gross, net and customer service with his up to date sales and management training. Don’t wait another day, don’t wait for your team to get better, they get better when they are trained to sell, trained to close, trained to overcome objections, trained to use Social Media, trained to use the telephone, trained to prospect, trained to follow up and trained to reach their goals so you can reach your goals!

  • It’s crazy if you think about it. If you don’t close you lose! The cost of losing your sale takes its toll over time and soon it robs you of your confidence.

  • Closing the sale is an art that everyone can learn by reading this life changing book! Buy it now on Amazon! #1 Closer Book

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Closing The Sale With George Dans

Build A Winning Team With George Dans

George Dans Talks About Goals

If You Don’t CLOSE, You CLOSE! Learn To Stop Hearing The Word No!

We Show You Step By Step How To Close The Sale & Transform Yourself Into The ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’!


Virtual presentation

Virtual Live Presentations or Live Streaming Keynotes. i Can – how to hit the reset button and get going once again.

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Connecting has never been easier than it is today.

  • George’s Virtual Presentation is the next best way to see George today. Live meetings are mostly on hold.
  • Our Virtual presentation will help connect your team in a very unique way and create the best Virtual Keynote for you and your group.
  • How to use i Can in your everyday way of talking and life
  • Teams will be connected once again and motivated to work toward their personal and professional goals.
  • TEAM and 3 key ways to bring the team together
  • Change your language and you can change your mind and life today.
  • Virtual Presentations come in 90 Minute Keynote speeches. There will be a series of questions that can be asked with George as well

Have you ever wanted to quit, give up, lay down, or said i Can’t do this. WIT is going to help you accomplish and finish no matter how tough or hard it is. WIT is “ Whatever It Takes. No matter where you are, no matter how long it takes, no matter how bad it is, using WIT will help you get it done. WIT will forever help you. Aren’t you tired of stop and start programs in your life? This is how you can achieve your goals.
I have brought in one of the top professional business coach who can help you further your passions, energy, and help you accomplish your goals. Yvonne Bustamante has an incredible coaching back ground. Her coaching program will help you leave your comfort zone, and speed you up to your goals, dreams, income, along with personal and professional help.


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