How Often Does George Dans Speak & How Long Has He Been Speaking For?

George speaks at 150 corporate, public and private seminars a year on the subjects of personal and professional development. Speaker for 16 years, over 750 paid speaking events, Spoke Internationally, Coached over 250 clients, Consulted 500 plus clients, Top rated Speaker at several events, Trained and spoke at over 150 sales and motivational seminars with top Fortune 500 companies. He was also a head hockey coach for 15 years, hockey instructor, and school director. George has spoken to over 150 youth groups on personal development Who has George spoken with? George has had the honor of speaking with many great leaders like Former Secretary of State, United States of America, General Colin L. Powell; Author of “Catch Me If You Can”, the true story of a real fake, that the major motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg was based after, Frank Abagnale; Former General Motors Chairman, Rick Wagner; San Francisco 49ers Head Coach, Mike Singletary; Chief Executive Officer of BMW USA, Tom Purves; to just name a few.

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