How Can I Improve My Income

Follow These Simple Steps To Instantly Improve Your Income Starting Today.

What a great question right? People have been asking that for years, and when you can’t find the right answer, you some what give up. Is that you? Have you been searching for a better or more effective way to make more money? Did you even know that most salespeople in the Auto Industry are at work some 9-10 hours a day and yet only work 2-3 hours of the day? What the hell are you doing then?

Why is that? What are they doing the rest of the day? How much money can you expect to earn if you only work part time? Maybe 40K, not bad for part time work right? One of the best questions you can ask yourself through the day is this “ Am I doing the most productive activity that is leading to a sale right now and if not, why not? Write that down or put in on your screen saver right now. Be selective with your activities that lead to sale.

Then get to work and work. It’s not a new concept is it? Most of the people who are hitting average with amazing accuracy are the one’s that are killing their time. I have never seen a person drown in their own sweat have you? Hard work won’t disable or kill you. I know. I am still alive. Zig Ziglar, said that if you’re killing time you should be arrested for murder! You can’t be serious! I am. What other job would let you stand around and do these meaning less activities such as:

  1. What’s For Lunch – take more time to figure our what’s for lunch then planning your day.
  2. Check my phone 150 times a day. Why? Are you a FOMO?
  3. Director and sales coordinator for the Huddle.
  4. Fixed Operator for Gossip – It’s called Go Piss when you turn it around. Stop it.
  5. Used to be 20 a month story teller – When? The last hail storm!
  6. Master of the History Channel – Break your rewind button, nobody really cares
  7. I used to be – No one cares
  8. Someday – Not a day in the week
  9. Remember when I got skated like ten years ago – Get therapy and get over it or just shut up.
  10. Are they buying lunch today – who cares, brown bag it
  11. The balloon artist – wow
  12. Phone wimp – afraid of hearing, we bought somewhere else
  13. Works directly for the FBI – can spot a buyer like a liar
  14. Plays hide and seek when the Up looks like it’s going to blow up – Weak

There are probably so many more reasons why you aren’t making the big money. Time is most your most precious asset and the architect of the heavens knows when it’s going to run out, you don’t. So don’t play the guess and wait game, don’t play the someday game, don’t play the, well the month is over game and it’s like the 15th of the month, don’t play the lunch game, don’t play with huddle guys, they will drag you down to their level and don’t play video games at work on your phone! When is the last time you saw a 20-25 car person kill time in the huddle? I know every now and then they come by to say hello or to check and see if you have a pulse or to scream at you, there is in Up on the lot! Where, I can’t see it. Most Up’s don’t have a mattress strapped to their back and are laying down with a check stapled to their forehead.

How Do I Make The Big Money

  1. Go to work and actually work with a written game plan, so the day doesn’t plan you out.
  2. Make a list of 5 important priorities and don’t go to number 2 until you cross off number 1.
  3. Forecast your day with selling activities such as how many calls, texts, emails,
    appointments, videos, post’s, letters and activities that are going to lead to an eventual sale.
  4. Get focused and keep your written plan in front of you. The shortest pencil has the most powerful memory of all. Write it down and follow it until the day is up.
  5. Review where you are during the day so you don’t have to hit the panic button when the day is about to close out.
  6. Think – Plan – Do

Ok time to get this into finance and get it approved, I am sure a wanted poster didn’t pop up when you read this blog. Pass it on to your fellow friends, download it or take a pic of it and keep in sight so you don’t get off track. Look, if this business was easy, everyone or most salespeople would be selling 20 -25 a month and making bags on money. The only time something is easy in sales, is when you are good in sales. Get your deal to sign up on your Live Webinar sales training with George, he will light the fire with in you before the big boss fire’s you with enthusiasm.

Just Do It……. Just get it done, just go to work, just make it happen, just work it, just be happy, just pick up the phone, just make some calls, just ask for the sale, just be grateful you woke up today!

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